5-Star Etsy Reviews!


Wow guys! I just wanted to thank all of you who have left me lovely Etsy reviews on my online art shop. It’s so incredible getting these heartfelt, beautiful reviews, that it makes me so emotional. I’m so grateful to each of you for taking the time to write them, and so far they're all 5-star. *YAY* It would have been so easy to just write, 'Fine' or 'Good quality', but the personal and lengthly messages seriously warm my heart. These are some of my favourites that whenever I’m having a bad day I read through and it gives me strength to carry on pushing through. Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 20.10.01 Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 20.10.22 Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 20.10.54 Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 20.11.24

So thank you again if you have left any feedback. I think it really helps people trust in me to buy a painting. If you’d like to read all the reviews on my artwork so far you can see them here.

Love Katie x