In the Artists Studio


One of the biggest inspirations for me is watching other artists create in their studio. If I'm ever feeling low or need a boost of enthusiasm, I always turn to YouTube.  Watching an artist create freely, like a 'fly on the wall' is a brilliant way to spark up your inspiration. There doesn't seem to be many YouTube channels that consistently create inspiring videos, and I couldn't always find what I needed. So, I had the idea of starting my own channel and filling it with all the things that I felt was missing. Straight away, I dismissed the idea. It instantly made me feel uncomfortable. I mean, I found Instagram hard at the beginning - posting everything about my artwork and life. But now I love it and found it's amazing to connect with like-minded people. This made me realise that however uncomfortable making videos made me feel now, that I would get used to it and probably end up loving it. My main focus on creating videos is to inspire others, and that's enough to push me out of my comfort zone.

So here goes - my first YouTube video! Yayyyy :)  Hope you find it interesting and I really would appreciate any feedback - good or bad. Also let me know if you have any other ideas, as I'm sure I will run out eventually.

Thanks so much for your support guys and please subscribe to my new YouTube channel. You can see my channel here:

Love Katie x