My Art Supplies


Hi my lovelies! Hope you are well and happy. Today I wanted to start off with a 'My Art Supplies' series, beginning with a 'What's on my Desk!' These are all my current art supplies which are used on a regular basis. I haven't changed or 'dressed' my desk for this post, I literally just walked over and took a photo. So for you nosy people out there (like me) who love to see what other artist's desks and studios are's mine! I am typically messy, I always have been. Long before being an artist. I never put all my art supplies away at the end of the day, because I usually use the same stuff, so i'd only get it out again. The supplies I keep tidy and away are usually things that I don't use too often, like paper, pencils & oil pastels. I also am terrible with saving little things that I could use one day. Even though...yes you guessed it...I probably won't. But that's just my nature

If you have any questions about what supplies I use please feel free to ask. I want to add, art supplies don't make a huge amount of difference to the level of your art. Almost like using a car. You can buy more expensive cars, but the cheaper ones drive just fine. It's good to experiment with different materials, but I would only invest in expensive supplies when you know that you will love and use it regularly. Most of all, have fun! 😊

Love Katie art_supplies