Wave Paintings


This past couple of weeks has been slightly crazy, and my time seems to have been eaten at from all different angles. This has meant I've not had a lot of time to write blog posts or film Youtube videos, but all that is changing...starting from NOW! By 11am I've already created a new wave painting, filmed it, edited photographs of my art and uploaded to Etsy. Wow, today I really am packing it all in. I wanted to show you some more of my new wave paintings as I've created lots more since my last blog post. A few are available to purchase in my Etsy shop (www.katiejobling.etsy.com) and I uploading a new painting every single day, so keep a look out. Everytime there's a new painting online, I post it on my Twitter, Instagram or Facebook page, so if you're not already following me, make sure you start if you don't want to miss out!


I use LOTS of paint, scraping and flicking it at the canvas to create so much juicy texture. These are my far the most tactile paintings I've ever created, and everyone thats seen them say they look much better 'in the flesh'. I'd love to know what you 'see' in them. Somebody mentioned they saw the shape of a bird in the wave, which wasn't intentional of course, but it made me realise it's a lot like finding images in the clouds. Another person said they felt so much emotion coming off the painting, like it really had feelings. I really loved this comment, as there's nothing worse than a stagnant piece of art. My aim is to create something living.


So for now I will keep creating what my heart pleads to, whether it is wave paintings, or not. My art is true and feels like it is coming from my soul, this is what makes it so real and alive.

Thanks for reading and please share if you can! Enjoy the photos and remember to check my Youtube tomorrow for the wave painting video.

Katie x

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