A Day in the Life of an Artist


So I'm going to start this post off with a disclaimer. (Yippee) Every day is pretty different for me but this post is a real, life day. In fact, it's everything that's actually happened today. Although is it called 'A Day in the Life of an Artist', obviously every artist's day looks different, this is just my take on it. Is it weird that I'm a little apprehensive to see what I actually do in a day?... 7:30am Wake up, check urgent mail/messages.....come around...

7:45am Wander around the studio deciding what tasks need to be done today

8:00am Make a cup of lemon tea & start filming a speed painting Youtube video of a giant crashing wave. In-between drying layers, I make a green smoothie, reply to emails and add paintings onto Etsy.

11:00am Edit video ready for YouTube and wonder what to have for lunch. Write a blog post all about my new wave paintings.

1:00pm Work on a commissioned painting, take photos and email client. Put off lunch as I'm 'in the zone'.

3:00pm Finally listen to my stomach rumbling and search the kitchen for food. After finding nothing decide to make another green smoothie (hello bikini body!!!)

4:00pm Have a coffee...and maybe even a couple of biscuits. (Goodbye bikini body) Write another blog post and edit new photographs for my Instagram feed.


4:30pm Carry on with commissions.

6:00pm Decide my website needs a little TLC so I make minor adjustments with how it looks.

7:00pm Hmmm...we should probably eat something soon so I look at what's in the kitchen to eat. Nathan kindly decides to make tea, so I carry on working till it's ready.

8:00pm Eat tea whilst catching up from the weekend's Britains Got Talent! (Get the tissues ready - makes me cry everytime.)

9:00pm Wonder whether I should paint again...and decide against it. I'm in one of those moods where nothing I produce could ever ben good enough for the human race to see. Instead I decide to continue reading my book (1984 by George Orwell).

10:00pm Time for bed. Brush teeth, wash face, wash feet*, moisturise (it's important kids!)

10:30pm Actually go to bed.

*I wanted to add a footnote about my feet-washing. Yes I suppose it could be seen as a bit weird. It's not that I have dirty feet or anything. It's become a nightly ritual since about 8 years of age. I stayed over at my auntie's house who is Chinese and it is their tradition to wash their feet before bed, so I adopted this tradition for myself. It makes you feel wonderfully refreshed...try it!

So there we go...my 'A Day in the Life of an Artist'. I wish every day was as productive as this one. I hope you found it interesting, and maybe put a bit of perspective about how much an artist spends time doing admin work, not just painting. In fact, on average I would say my week only consists of 30-40% painting, the rest is photographing, editing, uploading to social media, blog posts, filming videos, replying to emails/messages etc...you get the idea 🙂

I'd love to hear what you thought of this kind of post as it's something a little different for me. And if you have any requests for blog posts, please let me know. I want to keep this stuff interesting for you!

Love Katie x

p.s. Watch the speed painting vide that I filmed earlier below!