Being An Artist - the best bits!


Being able to wake u and look forward to working, is something I am grateful for everyday. Yes, sometimes it can still be very hard work, and it's not all about painting. A lot of the jobs include spreadsheets, planning, emails and more. But the 5 points that I've listed below makes it all worthwhile.


5 Best Things About Being an Artist

  1. You get to be your own boss. This is amazing if you're a motivated person and get excited about working. I've had lovely bosses in the past but it's still nice working with no-one looking over your shoulder, or second-guessing your decisions.
  2. You can build your own time schedule. You work, when you enjoy working. For me I always feel most inspired in the evening, so I usually get my emails, website and chores done in the daytime. Then I can relax and enjoy my painting in peace.
  3. You get to create every day. This is truly the best and most rewarding part. Of course, you can  paint everyday whether you work as an artist, or it is just a hobby. But when you are earning from it, you don't feel guilty or worry about getting other things done. I really respect people who have daytime jobs (not art related) and still make time to create.
  4. You can carve your own path. Being an artist is all about being different, and bringing something new. Of course, there is nothing new under the sun, but it takes the pressure off knowing you can take it in whichever direction you want. Create what is fun and interesting to you.
  5. Connecting with others across the world. I'm very jealous of my paintings, because they've been to some very beautiful places and left me in rainy England. (How rude! :) ) Hawaii, Florida, New York, Australia are only a few, but it's an incredibly cool feeling to know that something you created, is hanging in a home across the world.

These are only 5 amazing reasons to become an artist. Of course, you are an artist if you create. Not just if you make an earning. But these ones are what personally make me so happy.

Are you a creator? If so, what is your favourite thing about it? Leave me a message in the comments :)

Love Katie x

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