Finding Inspiration


Inspiration is key to creators. But when you're without it, it can be hard to conjure up. That's why I wanted to talk about finding inspiration today. A lot of us spend a lot of time on our phones these days, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, and while these things can be good for ideas. Sometimes turning our electronics off and getting outside can really be amazing for our creative minds. The reason being that there are limitless possibilities out in the world, and exploring them can open up the boundaries that our mind creates.

So last weekend, me and Nathan spent some time with friends in a lodge surrounded by a magnificent pine trees in Sherwood Forest. If you're thinking...Sherwood...why does that ring a bell?...Well yes that is where the legendary Robin Hood was supposed to have lived.

We had a really beautiful time and I barely looked at my phone all weekend! The lodge was perfect, with a crackling fire going, you can lay on a sofa and look out into the unspoilt forest. We even had a few visitors, including squirrels, rabbits and birds. It felt good to breathe the fresh air, and I feel more rejuvenated than ever, to start creating again.

Love Katie xautumn

finding inspiration