The Right Motivation


Everything that we do is motivated by something, a reason. Its whether we have the right motivation that is important. I get a lot of messages from young artists that ask how they can start a successful art business. That is, creating art and being paid to do it. This is where it gets tricky. When I started to create art and share it, I never imagined what it would become. That three years later, I'd be earning a regular income, have my own website and be doing what I love everyday. But I think this fact, ultimately helped me become where I am right now. The work I share with people online is real. It's my life. My thoughts and feelings onto canvas. There's no barrier between what I show and what I create behind doors. And I think that genuine reality is what people connect with. I don't know about you, but I can sniff out a phoney like I can sniff out a pizza! You all know who I mean, the copycat artists. Who re-create what they've seen and think they're going to make millions. When I'm asked advice about how to sell art, I first ask the number one reason about why they want to. Is it: a) Because they want to make money easily (haha thats a joke right there! 😂) b) Because they love creating so much, that they simply don't have time to keep a 'normal' job and have time to create.


You can probably tell which one you should have if you're a true artist. The fact is, that it is hard work, that makes you successful, in anything. I feel like it is an egotistical thing to say 'I am successful', but that depends on what you think success is. Personally, I think it is leading an honest life, serving God and being happy. So, I guess I would say I am successful. And there shouldn't be anything wrong with saying that. I'm not rich with money, but with people that I love, and my life that I love, I'm a millionaire. 😃

Anyway over! Back to art talk 😝

The bottom line is, if your motivation is to create art, you will be successful.

I would really, like really, love to hear what your thoughts are on this. I feel like my brain is always analysing life but putting it all into words is something I struggle with at times, so I apologise if this made no sense whatsoever. Let me know your thoughts on a comment down below, or message me on Twitter or Instagram.

Love Katie x

p.s. I'm currently working on a video of me painting a giant ocean that I cannot wait to share with you! It will be my Youtube channel soon