Exciting Times!


Hey everyone! I'm so excited about March, because I have some really exciting stuff going on in the studio. I'm creating a new series of ocean paintings and I'm feeling the buzz of creating lots of new work and seeing others reactions on social media. I'm really honoured to have such amazing, supportive followers that really encourage me. Every like, comment & share adds so much joy to the process of creating. This series of ocean paintings is specifically focusing on the relationship between the movement of the ocean, against the stationary rocks. I've used a palette knife in all of the paintings to create texture and to add thick paint. For waves I love to drag it across the painting of the canvas and give the waves 'droplets' using the texture of the canvas.

So the new series is available March 1st. If you would like to be notified when it's ready (by email) sign up below.

Love Katie x

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ocean painting