Ocean Paintings


Hi Friends!Hope you've had a wonderful weekend! I've been missing the ocean SO much recently and am in desperate need of seeing it. So to quench my desperation, I have been creating some ocean paintings. Although I have created more realistic ocean paintings in the past, I prefer the lose lines of these watery, dripping edges. The colours are what really excite me though, the rich, vibrant green is probably my most favourite colour to paint with right now. I'm being careful not too overuse this though - it could get too much.

I keep changing between oil paint and acrylic, and I'm feeling totally confused which one I prefer. I love the blending qualities and thickness of oil paint, but the speed that acrylic can dry means that I can do so much painting whilst I have the inspiration. So for now I will continue using both.

Here's a few snaps of the past week. Don't forget to follow me on Instagram here, to get more recent updates.

Love Katie x